Complete Lighting Solutions

Lighting Experts provides clients with a complete, comprehensive lighting service. We support every phase of your project, from its initial conceptual development, through detailed design, to installation, testing and maintenance. Our Technical Design Office team has a wealth of experience and technical insight to maximize the positive impact of lighting on your project while ensuring that the lighting budget remains manageable. Our lighting solutions use state-of-the-art technology. Not only can we support the design and sourcing of lighting systems, but we can also either assist with or manage their installation.


Lighting Design

Our expert designers can help you visualize how best to use lighting systems to enhance your overall concept. Simply provide us with any work already undertaken on your project and we can integrate a suitable, cost-effective lighting solution. It is our expert design capability that drives the unique reputation of Lighting Experts. With our ability to source the very best technology and to take advantage of all its characteristics to enhance our lighting designs, we can offer you the very best package – both cost effective and optimized for your project.


Supply Chain, Logistics and Materials Management

With products arriving at our facilities across the region from multiple manufacturers, and suppliers in different countries across the globe, Lighting Experts has had to develop a comprehensive supply chain management system for our lighting products. We hold significant stocks in our own warehousing and, as a result, offer door-to-door and just-in-time delivery within the shortest possible timescale.

From our three locations, we can optimize delivery of our full range of services across Europe, the Middle East and much of Africa. We work with our clients’ planners to ensure that our shipments arrive at their work sites just in time. In fact, we go further, by consolidating client shipments from different manufacturers to ensure that your lighting products are all delivered in a single shipment to enhance your site logistics, reduce the environmental impact and to ensure no delay in installation.

Regional Reach

Lighting Experts began with a vision to be the go-to supplier for all aspects of lighting in the Middle East, but demand for our services has come from much further afield. This has led us to develop beyond our originally anticipated boundaries.

Despite having only three branches: one in Dubai, one in Riyadh and one in Cairo, we are now able to serve clients and to support their projects across Europe, the Middle East and much of Africa. This ambitious expansion has had other benefits, including improving our ability to manage complex logistics; taking advantage of our proximity to some of the best European lighting brands by incorporating many of their best practices into our own; and, enabling us to represent ever larger and more capable manufacturers in what, to them, are new markets, especially in Africa.


After Sales Service

We continue to focus on our clients’ needs throughout the life of any project we have supported. We pride ourselves in providing complete spares and maintenance services for however long may be required. Once Lighting Experts is involved in a project, our involvement will remain in place indefinitely.

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