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Lighting Experts welcomes you to this showcase of our perfectly harmonized lighting products for every environment. No website image can show the extent to which the right lighting can bring a space to life, increase the efficiency of those occupying it and entice people to enter a space in the first place. In essence, our job at Lighting Experts is to bring the magic of superior lighting into your home, office, hotel, hospital, or any building or facility in which people will live their lives.


We are at the forefront, utilizing the cutting edge solid state technology for general illumination and we always strive in offering unparalleled quality, reliability and superior services.

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Lighting Experts has built its brands on a foundation of first-rate quality, a comprehensive range of items, excellent service, substantial experience and elegant, functional design.

Our technical team is always working o bring the latest innovations by designing and selecting products that are unique as well as ensuring that our products are easy to install and fit.

We support consultants, lighting designers and contractors with their projects Our work with different segments ensures a holistic approach; from lighting design to products selection to product delivery.